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Master of Science in Entrepreneurship

The Thomas S. Johnson Master of Science in Entrepreneurship program is where the principle and practice of entrepreneurship seamlessly intersect.

Through a stimulating curriculum and transformational experiential learning opportunities, this one-year, intensive program equips promising entrepreneurs with the skills and savvy to plan, launch and sustain innovative ventures on their terms.

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So in a year with this program, you can start ideating in the fall, and then you bring your business into fruition in the spring. So then finally, by the time that you leave, you're able to launch it. But I wanted to go two years in the program because of all the resources available.

When people are thinking about, should I go to the University of Florida-- well, they have a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship program. They have a student hatchery, where students can actually incubate their businesses. They have a big idea business plan competition, where I can compete for funding. They have a mentoring program, where I can be connected to mentors.

The main purpose of the program is to surround the students with resources-- introductions to people they need to help push that idea forward, putting them in a class that's going to teach him the finance skills they need to raise money. And they're also going to be surrounded by people that are doing amazing things at the same time they're doing it. So it adds a lot of inspiration, that peer pressure to excel.

The hatchery in itself, this room, is very, very good. Whether it's innovation or you're launching your business, you're starting your business, yo need consulting for your business, this is just a place where you can come and get all those things.

We take students on field trips to a lot of different kinds of businesses, whether it's a small startup all the way to a company that started out small and is now huge. We get to tour Google in Silicon Valley, when we take our students during spring break.

Coming into this program, I failed a lot, but I've also won a lot. I've been able to launch my business professionally, get clients, do consultations for what they may need, whether it's branding, web design packaging, and also help them grow their businesses.

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