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Master of Science in Information Systems & Operations Management

The Master of Science in Information Systems & Operations Management program prepares students to thrive in the age of big data.

As technical information systems become more advanced in the business world, the program trains them to lead the new age. 

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Information Systems and Operations Management, our department focuses on the techie side of business.

We don't seek to train engineers or programmers here, but we do seek to train people who can be a liaison between the business and the technical side, and essentially can speak both languages. We're attracting students from a variety of disciplines across campus.

We have some students who are coming to complete their techie-type degree, but then a lot of students who are coming from liberal arts, and they're very successful. All firms have to have some technical information systems, but those are becoming much more advanced and sophisticated.

So what we seek to do here is to train practitioners to work in industry. We teach concepts from the ground up here, with an understanding that we have a wide audience, some of whom have had exposure to technology and programming, others who have not.

We have three different types of tracks-- business analytics, information systems, and supply chain. And so students are placing anywhere within those. And they're placing as business analysts-- so companies like Ernst and Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers-- some supply chain firms, too-- so Lockheed Martin, Jabil.

Places like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, all of your big tech firms.

We have a rich legacy of the students that we've placed who are eager to hire more of our students.

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