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Full-Time MBA

The UF MBA Full-Time program welcomes students into an intensive business education.

Offering 10-month, 12-month and two-year options, the program ensures transformation for each student. Small cohorts guarantee networking opportunities and strong relationships with classmates. 

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The full-time program can be completed one of three ways. We offer a 12-month, a 10-month, as well as a two-year traditional full-time on campus in residence program. Dependent upon your professional experience and your background and what you're looking to do, we do a really good job of kind of evaluating and helping you determine which program is the best fit.

Transformation guaranteed I think is a line that we use to really explain that you could experience transformation professionally, personally, academically, intellectually, emotionally, socially. Really there's so much to be learned and gained from your experience. The environment in the full-time program, everyone knows your name here, including the faculty, your classmates, all of the administration. Your successes as a student are our successes. Your challenges are our challenges.

The faculty that are here, oftentimes you'll find that the course content, while important and applicable in what they're teaching, is valuable, you get more from learning about them and their narrative and their background. We've had students go off and do some marketing, data analytics roles after having really in-depth lunches and dinners with faculty members about their research.

So we're very careful when we evaluate and craft our class to make sure it's a very diverse mix of students. You're going to learn from others. You're going to be challenged from others. And I think that really adds value. And what we promote as kind of these tailored student experience and very unique to you is truly what you get at the end of the day.

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