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Professional MBA

The UF MBA Professional program helps students earn their MBA through a collaborative environment without having to quit their job.

A monthly trip to Gainesville allows students to learn and build their network through an interactive classroom setting.

This weekend-based program maximizes the student’s time in Gainesville through face-to-face interaction with peers and faculty. 

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Our professional MBA we offer in the one-year format and the two-year format. The one-year format is for students that already have an undergraduate degree in business. It's really designed as maximizing their potential degree, where they can come, they can increase their understanding of business, and make themselves more promotable. The two-year program is for folks who are transitioning into a business function from all disciplines, whether it's medical, military. I myself was a theater major.

From day one, you start your networking. And in fact, 50% of what you will do will be in groups and teams. So there's a lot of collaboration a lot of teamwork, a lot of camaraderie that goes into doing this program.

All of our faculty are not only leads in their research industries but have industry experience. So they're able to teach what they're teaching in the classroom and really apply it to a real-world setting so our students can understand firsthand the applicability of the concepts they're teaching.

The students themselves are the other critical part of what makes us really good, and we achieve that by recruiting and admitting the best that we can get our hands on, to create that combustible environment where you have people from the faculty side pushing this talented group of people, and you really get to mold them into something that's interesting and better and different.

We have a dedicated career team that will help students who are looking to build within their current organizations or seek other opportunities. I don't think a day goes by that I'm not prompted on LinkedIn to congratulate one of our professional MBAs on a career advancement.

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