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Online Hybrid MBA Programs

UF MBA is a pioneer in the online MBA industry.

With multiple options to fit every schedule, students learn from some of the same faculty members that have been teaching the program since it was introduced in 1999.

The increased flexibility means students can consume course materials at their convenience but still experience the UF campus during semester trips to Gainesville.

Students graduate from the program with the same degree as on-campus UF MBA programs.

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We're actually a pioneer in the space of online MBA programs. We're recognized in Financial Times, in US News and World Report, as one of the top programs in the country and around the world. We've vetted out the best technology that could be associated with getting a degree in this type of format. | have a one-year version, which is a 16-month-long version of the program, and a two-year version of the program.

The same folks that started teaching the online MBA in 1999, the same world-renowned faculty members that are writing textbooks, have learned and grown with the technology, and that's enabled them to understand the pain points for the students, to understand the pain points as faculty members. So they've really taken that to make sure that they're providing the best possible online experience that they can. You get to consume most of the material off campus at your own convenience, but you still get to come to campus to do those presentations, to have those networking opportunities, to meet the faculty face to face. And so it's really powerful, because you get maximum flexibility with also maintaining that opportunity to connect to the campus community.

They're clearly looking to catapult their career, maybe in their same organization or service industry that they're representing. So transforming one's life [? and coming ?] from financial gain that comes from the branding of a top MBA program, all the way through finding that job of happiness that you've always been looking for, that you needed a specific credential to apply for. It's the same degree, same faculty, same piece of paper that you would hang on the walls if you were here as a full-time student.

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