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Online MBA

UF MBA listened to what prospective students wanted.

They wanted a program option with no required campus visits, and UF MBA delivered it through a fully online program.

Students take one class at a time through five-week modules and experience the same outcomes as other classes in the program.

Students graduate from the program with the same degree as on-campus UF MBA programs.

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We listen to our customer. As the world becomes a little bit more remote, and people need to be mobile, we wanted to create a program that will absolutely be 100% accessible without the obligation to have any sort of campus visit. So still, same faculty, same degree, same curriculum. We've just narrowed down this course study, where you can take one class at a time. So it's one five-week class that you will take at of time simultaneously that will operate for 24 months from start to finish.

The five weeks is going to come fast. The outcomes are the same as the other programs, some of which are done in eight weeks, some of which are done in 16. So we know that we're going to push the students, but we also know the talent is out there. We've created touchpoints over the course of the program where they will be able to opt to come to campus if it fits their schedule, if it fits their lifestyle, so that they can come in, they can do a residency course, they can meet with Career Services, they can meet with their faculty members.

Bar none, we've got some of the best faculty members in the world, able to take real-life skills that are occurring right now into today's century that we're able to bring to our student in a format that's highly flexible and remote. It's just highly applicable to about the way the world is motoring along these days.

We know that this format is going to push people. This is really the opportunity for academically capable folks to really challenge themselves, to go out there, to master a new skill set, to learn about the new business disciplines, regardless of their geography, whether it's right here in Gainesville or somewhere else in the world.

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