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Fisher School of Accounting

The Fisher School of Accounting was the first school founded at the Warrington College of Business.

Accounting’s roots at the University of Florida trace back to 1923, and Gerson Hall now serves as one of the nation’s few free-standing accounting schools.

Inside this state-of-the-art facility, students learn the depth of knowledge needed to become a CPA.

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Fisher School of Accounting was the first school founded at the Warrington College of Business, because the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to be a certified public accountant and contribute at a high level, become a leader in the profession, was just not doable in the typical take a couple of three courses as part of a major.

One of the things we're most proud of at the Fisher School of Accounting is Gerson Hall. So Gerson Hall is a standalone building that houses just the School of Accounting. Fisher School students, faculty, are all here in this building. The classrooms for accounting students-- so every class in accounting that a Fisher School student will take in their program is situated here in Gerson Hall.

Advisors, our professors, all of them-- they're very approachable. You can just go up to them and ask them anything, even if it's not even related to their class, and they just help you.

They share in common a willingness to work hard and play hard. So we have a fun group of faculty. We have a bachelor's degree in accounting. We have a master's degree in accounting.

We have a 3-2 program, which is a combined bachelor's and masters. That's a five-year program.

So at the undergraduate level, it's a fairly lockstep program, and it's very organized to get you through to that completion of your undergraduate degree. Very different from that, though, is our master's program in accounting. And that's where there are lots of options.

Many students will join a public accounting firm as their first job. Many of our former students go on to become entrepreneurs, start their own businesses. We prepare them for working as a CFO. There's much more to an accounting profession and the activities that one does as an accountant than the typical person knows about.

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