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The Business Career Services office at the Warrington College of Business boasts 80+ years of private sector experience in human resources and recruiting.

The office works to consultant students looking for a job, and they assist recruiters that come to Warrington to hire.

The Business Career Services office works to find the right fit for each organization and student, and hosts many events throughout the year to ensure students are ready to pursue an industry of interest.


Within Business Career Services, we have a combined 80 years of work experience within the private sector, all within HR roles or executive recruiting roles. So we want to be consultants to our students, but also we want to be talent acquisition consultants with our employers that recruit here as well.

Everything from the technical skills they're looking for, to the cultural fit that would be ideal for their particular organization. We have a great engagement opportunity for our students and for employers, which we call having a career week. It usually takes place the same week as our overall showcase or career fair here at the University of Florida.

We also have a number of career fairs that we host every year too as well, for our students and employers. For our Graduate Business School, we have a similar event called Professional Development Day. Professional Development Day is a one day event geared towards our graduate business students with keynote speakers in the morning. In the afternoon we have a number of different industry and functional breakout panels where we have industry experts come in and we should facilitate Q and A of those experts with our students. It's a great opportunity for our students that are still trying to figure out what they want to do for a career, hear from industry experts about different functions and industries that they want to go into.

Many of our employers enjoy the opportunity to also be able to interview students while they're here on campus. We do provide them with office space right here on campus where they can meet with students. And usually this is an excellent opportunity for employers to decide what next steps are for candidates that they are particularly interested in.

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