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Every  student  at  Warrington  receives  customized  services  in  their  career  journey  through  the  Business  Career  Services  office.  Some  students  need  assistance  from  the  very  first  step  and  will  receive  thorough  support.  No  matter  where  students  are  in  their  journey,  they  receive  individualized  assistance  that  accentuates  their  strengths  and  helps  them  improve  their  weaknesses  while  finding  a  full-time  job. 

We take the time to really customize the services that we provide our students. It's intended to be a career journey, if you will. And so we provide programming throughout those four years. However, for our students that are perhaps joining the university after completing an associate's degree, they also have a spot on the journey to also help them perfect where they are in terms of their career aspirations.

So career coaching is meant to be a consultative approach to what a student needs. Some students may need assistance from the ground up. The CAP mentors are student ambassadors, if you will. And as part of the Business Career Services department, CAPs work with our students to get them ready and to get them through their first internship. While the third and fourth year student works with the coach to make sure that they find the full-time position that they are looking for upon graduation.

The Business Career Services has also developed a liaison model with the business student organizations in Hefner. That is to assist them with identifying employers that may come on campus that want to meet a specific major or a specific type of student with a specific interest. We're able to listen to our students, see the kinds of things that they are struggling with, and provide opportunities for them to explore those things, but also facilitating conversations with the many employers that want to meet business students here at the University of Florida.

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