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Companies are able to work alongside Warrington to experience benefits through different channels, whether looking to hire from a diverse group of students or wanting to partner with the College.

There are many opportunities to become involved in what’s happening on the Warrington campus, and your company can play an important role in the future of business and education.

The Warrington College of Business Corporate Relations office is here to help companies partner with the Warrington College of Business and how they want to engage with our students, faculty, and programs. Companies should want to come and engage at the Warrington College of Business because they can build an organizational presence on our campus and recruit our best and brightest students. Our student population is very highly ranked. They all do internships. Most of them do study abroad. They are very engaged in leadership programs, as well as student organizations.

Many companies are looking to be true business partners versus just pay to play. And we truly want to help companies build their presence and create a long term strategic partnership with our college, in which they can help our students and we can provide a personalized approach for our companies as they want to engage here. We can help sit down with them, customize a strategy for them, which includes who are they trying to engage with, what types of students are they trying to hire, what kind of objectives are they trying to meet for their organization. And then we can build a proposal or a plan for them about how they can best achieve that, and work within a budget if they are investing here on our campus, and help them get their true return on investment.

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