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Hough Graduate School of Business

The Hough Graduate School of Business is where we focus on development.

The 70,000-square-foot Hough Hall was completed in 2010 to serve as a home for all graduate programs.

Students in this facility have already received their basic training, so this is where their business skills are fine-tuned, helping them dive deeper into real world topics that will directly impact them when they graduate.

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Under the umbrella of Warrington College of Business, we have three schools, Hough Graduate School of Business, Fisher school. Of Accounting, and Heavener School of Business. We also have our separate building. It's called the Hough Hall. It is important to have a separate graduate school, because this gives a feeling of belonging to the students, or a sense of being proud to belong to a place.

And Hough Hall is a student-centric building. The technology in this building is state-of-the-art. There are no faculty offices in this building. We only have program offices, , classrooms, lounges, breakout rooms, student study rooms, and we even have a small food store. This is home to them, and they feel belonging to this building, to this program, to the school.

Under the Hough Graduate School of Business, we have MBA programs, specialized master's programs, DBA program, which is a professional doctoral program, and postdoctoral bridge program. We have world-class faculty, and all our faculty are highly recognized. In any resource ranking you look at, our faculty will be top ranked in the top four, top five in the country.

Our online MBA program-- Financial Times ranks us number one in delivery, number four in the world. In terms of return on investment, our full-time MBA program is ranked number two by US News and World Report. Any ranking you look at, our MBA program is in there.

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