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Executive MBA

The UF MBA Executive program is designed with high-ranking business leaders in mind, earning their MBA through management-focused curriculum. Students are required to have eight years of professional experience, but the average is 16 years of experience with many coming to the program in leadership roles. Students experience an immediate ROI as they are able to apply what they learn in class directly to their job.

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So our Executive MBA program is designed for those who have eight or more years of professional experience, and on average, this class comes in with about 16 years and many of which have had leadership roles or who are in leadership roles. And the sense of networking camaraderie is really phenomenal with this program, that these students have the opportunity to come to Gainesville one weekend a month, all day Friday through Sunday.

The Executive program uses the same faculty that we use across the board in our MBA programs. They're the best of the best here at Warrington. They love teaching the MBA students. Because of that work experience that they bring to the table, there's a lot more opportunities to say, how would you handle this in your company, or how would your company address this ethical issue because these students are typically [inaudible] where they're having to answer those questions on a day-to-day basis anyway.

So our Executive MBA students get the opportunity to go on an international trip. This international trip comprises of meeting with a number of companies, C-Suite executives, learning more about different industries, and mostly, embracing a new culture with their classmates.

We see a lot of executive MBA's being tapped for leadership development programs in C-Suite roles. They have enough experience to understand their company or their industry very well, and so they're very attractive to employers to move them up into the leadership roles, because they don't have to teach them industry. They don't have to teach them the company.

I would suggest that the transformation of the Executive Program is a much more personal transformation. Folks are really looking for that job that's going to sustain them into retirement as opposed to still trying to figure out what it is that they want to do, and where does they want to be.

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