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Post-Doctoral Bridge Program

The Post-Doctoral Bridge Program is designed to prepare participants for teaching and research careers in business schools. It helps non-business doctorate holders bridge over to teach and do research in business. The program has been in existence over 10 years and has two tracks –finance and accounting, as well as marketing and management.

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The Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business Program is a five month program that we do in conjunction with AECSV that provides non-business doctorate holders the opportunity to bridge over, and teach, and do research in business. It opens doorways and provides them scholarly academic status upon completion of the program, which makes them highly sought after candidates in the job search process for business schools.

People can specialize in the program. We offer two tracks. We offer a finance and accounting track and a marketing and management track. We have a variety of graduates from the Post-Doctoral Bridge Program. We've been doing this program for over 10 years.

Someone coming out of the program will typically go into teaching. They might have a juris doctorate and go into teaching accounting. They may very well have a background in human resource development, or higher education, or higher education administration and go into teaching management and organizational behavior.

Our participants come from a variety of backgrounds from all over the US, small schools, big schools. And they have the same access to our Warrington College of Business faculty that our PhD students have, our DBA students have. And they have been given mentorship and advice and go on to publishing journals and journal articles just like a PhD or a doctoral student would here at the Warrington College of Business.

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