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The Warrington College of Business prides itself on international studies and familiarizing students with the global economy. Over half of undergraduate students graduate with an international experience. Warrington students have their eyes set on the world, and there are many programs in place to fuel that fire.

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Our students have the opportunity to study abroad in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia. Generally speaking, our students will be studying abroad for an academic semester or a term, and they usually are taking a mix of US courses online, along with language and culture courses. And about a third of our students are actually completing a professional internship while they're studying abroad.

So the biggest accomplishments that I received while studying abroad in London is really just summed up in the word "growth." Having the privilege to intern at the London Marriott Hotel and [inaudible] really has allowed me to understand different cultures and how that intertwines with business and being able to not only strengthen my own brand, but also be able to harness the brand of the company that I'm working for.

We have exchange programs, or agreements made between two universities. I send them two students, and they send me two students. The great benefit of exchange programs is that the students pay UF tuition, so it is the most cost-effective way of having an international education.

I worked at Computerology IT Solutions, which is a small company in Dublin that works in IT consultancy. Study abroad prepared me professionally by having the ability to work with people across many different countries.

They begin to think globally, and they also begin to look at opportunities to study international business at the graduate level. We offer the Master of International Business, and that really attracts a lot of students who have studied or interned while they were undergraduates.

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