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Specialized Master's

Specialized master’s programs have been popping up at many other top business schools in the world, but at Warrington, they’ve long been one of our main focuses.

Our programs’ longevity helps produce some of the best specialized master’s degrees in the industry, and the rankings prove it.

Students are able to enroll in one of six specialized master’s programs to become experts in the field that interests them the most.

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In the Hough Graduate School of Business, we are under the umbrella of Hough Graduate. MBA programs are typically generalist programs. There is not a whole lot of specialization. But in these programs, you specialize in Master of Accounting, you specialize in accounting. In Master of Real Estate, you specialize in real estate. In Master of Information Systems and Operations Management, you specialize in data science or supply chain management. And the same faculty teach in all these programs.

These programs do not require any work experience for admissions. Typically, the students in specialized master's programs are younger, because they don't have work experience. And actually, a good number of them are what we call combined degree students. That is, they combine the last semester or last year of their undergraduate study with their master's program. If a student goes out with a specialized master's program, as compared to a general undergraduate business program, there will be more employment opportunity. Students look at that very positive.

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