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Master of Science in Management

The Master of Science in Management program is designed specifically for individuals with non-business academic backgrounds.

Students from many industries come together in this program, providing each student with unique perspectives from areas outside of what they’re familiar with.

Students also benefit from the Business Career Services office, which sets them up to excel in the job search. 

So I think this program is best suited for people who know that they have a passion for business, but also have no previous business experience. Some people are entomologists, criminology, you know, geoscience, in my case. And it's nice, because everyone really is sort of starting from no previous business experience.

There are several ways that somebody can complete this program. They can do it traditionally, which is if they have already graduated, they can take this program full time. They can do it concurrently, which means they are able to pursue another Master's program, such as a law degree, while concurrently completing their Masters of Science and Management.

Or you can do a combined program, which is what I did. It's where you can simultaneously pursue your undergrad and your graduate degree at the same time. I found that companies really, really like that.

Through the Graduate Career Business Center, I was able to network with companies that I don't think I would have ever considered applying for prior to doing the MSM. And they prepared me for so much more than I would have been able to do on my own through interview practices, sending thank you emails even, and helping me with reaching out to recruiters. They gave me various connections. I got an offer after graduation.

After the MSM program, our students are going into a variety of industries and companies. In terms of companies, we've had Amazon, for example, Macy's. We've had Accenture.

I'm really excited about the future, because I start my full time job in June, where I move out to Dubai for training for about six months. And then I move back to Houston for a full time position.

All of my hard work in the MSM program has gotten me a job with Johnson & Johnson.

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Ana Portocarrero Director of MSM Programs