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Master of Science in Finance

The William R. Hough Master of Science in Finance program is a combined degree program that takes applications from UF sophomores.

Younger students network with older, more experienced students to learn about many career paths.

Students do an internship after their junior year and usually receive an offer to return as a full-time employee after graduation. 

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The [? msf ?] program, I think, definitely gives such a scope and breadth of opportunities to students, not only academically but professionally as well.

We help young students determine what they might like to do in the finance industry through a no-cost program that I run called Exploring Financial Economics. This is one of the University of Florida's combined degree programs. We take applications from US sophomores.

It's these students that haven't officially been admitted to the [? msf ?] program yet, have the opportunity to network with older students who have full-time jobs, so they not only learn more about different career paths and more about the MSF program itself, but they also had the opportunity to build a support network among older students who already have those connections or are going forward.

Our students place at the top [? bulge ?] bracket investment banks in the United States and the top asset management firms in the United States. They consistently leave their junior summer internship with a full-time offer to return. They come back to their fourth year of college already having a job in hand in an area that they want to work.

Personally, I'm graduating this May, but I already have a job. I'm with JP Morgan in a division in the UK, in London. I'm incredibly excited.

Alumni are so pleased to come help us. They mentor and hire students from this program, and their affinity for it is definitely something that makes me proud.

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Kelly Herring Associate Director, Master of Science in Finance Program