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Master of International Business

The Master of International Business program prepares students for the global economy.

With a mandatory Global Immersion Experience built into the curriculum, students take an international trip and visit major international corporations to gain insight to the area’s local economy.

The program’s curriculum is built with a majority of elective credits, allowing students to customize their degree to their interests. 

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Three of the ways in which I believe the students can really gain a global perspective with this program is through the curriculum, for sure, through the global immersion experience, and lastly, through studying abroad. They have the Graduate Career Services office upstairs. They set up a career showcase just for the MIB program.

Students have the opportunity to tailor their degree to their interests. So that the majority of the MIB degree is actually elective credit.

So I was able to take certain supply chain classes, which is actually pretty relevant to the career I'm going to be pursuing. I chose the combined option, primarily because I still wanted to graduate in four years, while simultaneously having the opportunity to pursue a graduate degree.

All of our students are required to participate in a global immersion experience trip.

I went to Munich, Germany. And one of the highlights was that we got to tour the BMW facility. We actually got to present to some BMW executives on our beliefs on the future of autonomous driving. And I will be starting work mid-July with CHEP in their Graduate Development Program. So a lot of professional and individual learning and growth has definitely come throughout the past year for me.

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