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Master of Science in Real Estate

The Nathan A. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate program thrives on its connection to the real estate industry.

Students build a strong network of real estate professionals through the Kelley S. Bergstrom Real Estate Center’s advisory board of over 150 members.

Board members mentor, meet and host students throughout their time in the program.


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The Masters of Science in Real Estate program is a 10-month full-time in residence program. We're constantly striving to update the program, make sure that we're teaching the most relevant information, so that when the students graduate, they're able to take on positions and be productive employees right from the very beginning.

One of the things you used to hear people say, well, it's who you know that matters. And now, the saying seems to be, it's not who you know, but who knows you. Probably one of the most attractive aspects of the MSRE program is that the program is very connected to the industry.

We have the Bergstrom Real Estate Center that has an advisory board of about 160 or 170 high-level real estate professionals, who are involved in the center, I would say, primarily because they enjoy interacting with the students. So the board members, we mentor the students, meet with students. Outside of class time, students will often organize trips to go down and visit board members at various places in Florida, Atlanta, other places.

Most of the students, when they finish the program, I would say typically take on a job position that has analyst in the title. Some of the students that have a little more work experience prior to coming to the program might assume more high-level management positions. This last year, I believe all of the students are currently placed in jobs, and many of them had multiple job offers. So again, our connection with the industry is key.

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